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We at COLDKINGS are specialists in optimising potential and simplifying procedures. Thanks to an extensive network of contacts we can help to set up concerts, studio recordings and promotion at home and abroad with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of options. COLDKINGS offers each band or solo artist a modular package designed to suit their specific needs, focusing not just on efficient marketing strategies but also artistic development.



Upcoming shows


04.04.2014 Panda lux Treibhaus Luzern
05.04.2014 Nives Onori Photobastei Zürich
05.04.2014 Bleu Roi Kuppel Basel
11.04.2014 Panda Lux Zermatt Unplugged Zermatt
11.04.2014 Otto Normal 24h Birthday Show JOIZ
11.04.2014 Velevet Two Stripes Mokka Thun
12.04.2014 Liselottes Photobastei Zürich
15.04.2014 Panda Lux Live und Laut JOIZ
16.04.2014 Appaloosa Taverne de la Rep. Geneva
18.04.2014 All Ship Shape Berlin Psych Fest Berlin
19.04.2014 Levin Photobastei Zürich
26.04.2014 Lorez Photobastei Zürich
06.05.2014 Otto Normal Music Appartment Zürich
08.05.2014 Glaze Sud Basel
17.05.2014 White Mystery W. Zum Transit Zürich
19.05.2014 LOSERS Grabenhalle St.Gallen
20.05.2014 The Vickers Tankstell Bar St.Gallen
21.05.2014 LOSERS X-TRA Zürich
24.05.2014 Widdershins Blau Blau Festival Zürich
24.05.2014 November And Me Neues Theater Basel
27.05.2014 Go!Zilla Taverna de la Rep. Genenva
30.05.2014 All Ship Shape Mecanique O. Paris
30.05.2014 Widdershins Mecanique O. Paris
31.05.2014 Panda Lux Grüschfang Hallau
05.06.2014 All Ship Shape Drone Koppenhagen
03.06.2014 All Ship Shape Intersoup Berlin
06.06.2014 All Ship Shape MUG St.Gallen
07.06.2014 November and me Musig uf dä Gass St.Gallen
07.06.2014 Panda Lux Musig uf dä Gass St.Gallen
14.06.2014 Pedro Lehmann Rock am Weier Wil
20.06.2014 Panda Lux Quellrock Festival Bad Ragaz
21.06.2014 Pedro Lehmann Openair Wipkingen Zürich
28.06.2014 Bleu Roi Openair St.Gallen St.Gallen
28.06.2014 Pedro Lehmann Openair St.Gallen St.Gallen
28.06.2014 Velvet Two Stripes Braderie Biel
11.07.2014 TBOG Sound Circle Fest. Hüntwangen
24.07.2014 AEIOU Pitschna Scena Pontresina
24.07.2014 Velvet Two Stripes Blue Balls Festival Luzern
25.07.2014 TBOG Kulturfestival St.Gallen
31.07.2014 Pedro Lehmann Kulturfestival St.Gallen
08.08.2014 Widdershins Horst Tribu Festival Motiers
23.08.2014 Pedro Lehmann Sur le Lac Eggersriet
07.09.2014 The Jamborines Air14 Payerne
18.09.2014 Panda Lux La Catrina Zürich                                                        












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